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Continually advancing the Global Standard for MTB Instruction


The Bike Instructor Certification Program (BICP) offers professional training and certification for individuals who  teach mountain bike skills clinics and courses. The BICP builds on proven, successful methods, more than two decades in development. It is globally renowned and aims to establish a global standard for mountain bike skills instructor training.

With origins dating back to 1995, our training materials are built on 25+ years of coaching experience, skill development, and program building.

The BICP is demystifying the process of teaching mountain biking skills in a structured progression.

More than 400 BICP courses have been led globally, certifying 2500+ individuals. The BICP continually develops the curriculum and training for our Instructor Trainers to maintain high-quality standards.

Recognized by:

USA Cycling

Why the BICP?

With over 25 years of experience certifying MTB-Instructors globally, and a strong focus braking down skills, the BICP gives  instructors hands-on-tools to make any skills clinic easier to follow and more effective. 

Structured teaching plans, clear protocols for detecting and correcting riding errors, the fundamentals of biomechanics and stability, group management principles and Emergency Action Plans are just a small portion of what make the BICP Curriculum unique. 

The goal of the BICP is to advance the global standard of mountain bike instruction, by increasing access to professionally trained and certified mountain bike instructors worldwide.

Led by Shaums March, our team of professional Instructor Trainers will add legitimacy to the sport of mountain biking and make learning skills easier, safer and more fun! 

Our base-level online certification qualifies you to lead mountain bike rides safely. 

Our online training and a 4-day in-person course certifies you as a Fundamental Skills Instructor.

Our online training and a 3-day in-person course certifies you as an Intermediate Skills Instructor.

Skills Prep

This 1-day-course teaches you skills demonstrations and skills progressions you will need to pass an Instructor Certification Course.

“I was quite new to the topic of coaching people about mountain biking skills – as opposed to many other attendees, who had much more experience already. Gladly my BICP instructors Roxy and Berni reassured me that this course is also for starters in coaching – and they were able to explain and show(!) everything we need as a coach throughout the course”"
Jonas Hecht
July, 2022
"I had been previously certified by another organisation and I found the BICP certification way more detailed in its process of teaching mountain biking instruction to a potential coach. I walked away feeling confident that I knew the materials and even better I could teach them!"
Mary Elges
October, 2022
"I coached at my first clinic since taking the BICP level 2 class this May, and my teaching has drastically improved. My key words are on point and my assessments are spot on and very effective. All my students loved me and progressed quickly. So thank you for keeping this great program growing, so more people can learn to be great riders!"
Amanda Wais
May, 2019

We're ready, are you?

Level up your demo skills, your in-depth understanding and your error detection and correction – become the best instructor you have ever been! 



Tried, tested and trusted

The BICP Courses add structure, effectiveness and tools to your clinics! No matter whether you are new to coaching or already have many years of experience!